Dr. Triana Kusumaningsih, M.Si

Office : Jurusan Kimia, FMIPA Gedung B, Jl. Ir. Sutami 36 A Kentingan Surakarta, Indonesia 57126
Email : triana.kusumaningsih@yahoo.com

Education :

  1. Sarjana, Chemistry, Gadjah Mada University, Yogyakarta
  2. Master of Science, Organic Chemistry, Gadjah Mada University, Yogyakarta
  3. Doctor, Chemistry, Gadjah Mada University, Yogyakarta

Subject :

Research Interest : organic synthesis

Selected Publication :

  1. Triana Kusumaningsih, Jumina, Dwi Siswanta, Mustofa, Synthesis of tetra-p-propenyltetraester calix[4]arene and tetra-p-propenyltetra carboxylicacidcalix[4]arene from p-t-butylphenol. Indonesian Journal of Chemistry Vol.3 No.1 Maret 2010. ISSN: 1412-4092.
  2. Handayani, D. S., Jumina, Firdaus, M., Triana Kusumaningsih, Synthesis of Poly-5,7-diallyl-25,26,27,28-tetra-hydroxycalix[4]arene, Indonesian Journal of Chemistry  Vol.3 No.1 March 2010ISSN: 1411-9420.
  3. Triana Kusumaningsih, Jumina, Dwi Siswanta, Mustofa, Keisuke Ohto and Hidetaka Kawakita Synthesis, characterization  and adsorption test of Poly-tetra-p-propenyltetrahydroxy-calix[4]arene for cadmium ion , Indonesian Journal of Chemistry, Vol.11 No.2 july 2011, ISSN: 1411-9420
  4. Fitria Rahmawati, Triana Kusumaningsih, Anita Marta Hapsari, Aris Hastuti, Ag and Cu loaded on TiO2/graphite as a catalyst for Escherichia coli–contaminated water disinfection, Chemical Papers 64 (5) 557–565 (2010)DOI: 10.2478/s11696-010-0036-4.
  5. Fitria Rahmawati, Triana Kusumaningsih, Aris Hastuti, Photo- and electro-catalysis for solar disinfection of Escherichia coli-contaminated water using Ag-TiO2/Graphite, Toxicological & Environmental Chemistry, DOI: 10.1080/02772248.2011.604322
  6. Kusumaningsih, T., Jumina, Siswanta, D., Mustofa, 2013, Resin Poly-25,26,27,28-tetraallyloxy calix[4]arene Compound as Adsorbent for Chromium(III) and Cadmium(II) Metal Ions, Prosiding The 2nd (ICICS 2013) ISBN: 978-979-96595-4-5
  7. Kusumaningsih, T., Firdaus, M., Martono, M.W., Rahardian, TPG, 2014, Preparation and Characterization of Inclusion Complex of Xanthone with Sulfonatocalix[4]arene, Prosiding The 2nd (JCC 2014) ISBN: 978-979-96595-4-5